About Us


About Us:
MPT is positioning to provide customers with more reliable, precise and efficient injection molding solutions. The advanced European technology can satisfy customers to obtain more cost-effective high-precision injection molding solutions through the domestic installation and production mode:


1.EUROMAP Injection unit;
2.Strong and durable clamping unit;
3.High precision control system;
4.Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-performance drive technology;
5.High Standard of Safety:
6.Individual options

Our Products range:

1.AT Series | General Purpose Toggle type IMM 

     Clamping force: 90~1350T

2.AM Series | High Speed Solution for thin-wall, pail & households

     Clamping force: 290T~1300T

3.PET & Cap | PET Preform and Cap Production Line

4.AR Series | Multiple Material, Multiple color IMM

     Clamping force: 140T~2000T

5.VI Series | Big Size Two Platen IMM

     Clamping force: 450T~7000T